Sunday, September 23, 2012

Fall is here

Hope everyone's first day of Fall got off to a good start.  The weather here is nice with no humidity- huge bonus to have beautiful clear, crisp days instead of muggy, hot humid days.  The leaves are starting to change here and my mums are happily lining up my front stairs.  The blooms are beginning to come out on them.
I love fall - always have actually now that I think about it I love all the seasons except summer around here I could do without the humidity other than that I love it.  In the early 90's my husband was transferred to Panama City Beach, Florida and the weather there was varying degree's of hot.  Up until that point I never realized how much I love the various seasons and how each one is ushered in.  

In a few weeks I am heading to PALS retreat in South Carolina with some stitching friends of mine.  I have always watched the blog postings after this retreat and thought it would be a great little excursion.  I do have an interesting story to share one of the ladies I stitch with who is going kept telling me while she was there she had a friend she had to go see.  I kept telling her while I am there I need to go visit my dad.  Well we talked about this for several months and during one of stitching get togethers I finally asked her where her friend lived both her friend and my dad live in Murrell's Inlet.  She told me a new neighborhood mainly folks that have retired from other areas.  Finally, I said really where in Murrell's Inlet what road does she live on? She told me the name and I said no way - my dad lives on the same road.  Well she calls her friend and asked her if she knew my dad and step-mother.  Turns out they live very close to each other and they are very good friends - what are the chances of that?  So I have an added bonus of spending a few days at the beach, with cooler weather, stitching and spending time with my dad - can't get any better than that.

On the stitching front I do have two new reproductions I am diligently working on.  Anyone interested in being a model stitcher?  If so leave a comment or send me an email


  1. I love fall! I hope that you have a wonderful time at the retreat!

  2. I love Fall too - but it seems like it's cooler than it usually is this time of of the year here. Hope you have a wonderful time at the retreat and can't wait to see your two new reproductions.