Saturday, September 1, 2012

I can share now...

Now that I know Denise's items have arrived safely.  I will now share what I sent to her.  She has wonderful photo's on her blog as well. I sent her a variety of my favorite stitching items. Beeswax, Lakeside Linen, Gloriana Silks, Bohin Needles, Gingher Scissors and a Soy Vanilla Pound Cake Candle (which smells really yummy)
All of the items sitting on the linen
On the personal side this past Monday all of my boys returned back to school.   Given my two older boys are bigger than me and not fans of having their photos taken.  They were able to dodge me and save themselves from the ever present camera.  However, our youngest was not so lucky since I dropped him off at school.  He is impossible to have stand still for a photo, always making faces, closing eyes and not looking at the camera.  In order to get photos I just keep snapping, many get deleted, however, I am able to get a few that show his true personality.
Apparently, he gets it honestly.  My in-laws informed me his dad was the same way. So what they say is true - you reap what you sow.

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