Sampler Reproductions

Our samplers are reproductions or adaptations from Antique Samplers purchased over the years with the goal of bringing them back to life. Many were selected because they were not the most beautiful sampler when purchased, or their colors, fabric or threads didn’t hold up over the years, many have not been very well taken care of and some were probably only one step short from being disposed of. However, these are the samplers I am drawn to. The process begins by charting the design one square at a time. Selecting the linen fabric, which provides a fresh backdrop to the hand-dyed silks and allows the rich vibrant colors to blossom against the linen. Stitched by hand the same as she once did to create the finished sampler. Once completed I can't help but wonder would she be pleased to know her work continues on.

Ann Croxen
Ann Croxen
Silks Selected - Au Ver a Soie
Fabric Selected - Lakeside Linen, 36 ct Meadow Rue
Framing by - Total Framing
Model Stitched by - Chris Canaday

Ann Croxen is a sampler that has been in my collection for a few years now.  The original sampler was stitched by Ann she was 10 years old in 1833.  Her sampler was very well executed with silk threads and linen that was approximately 50 count linen.  The materials she used were of very high quality for the time period.  Unable to determine whether or not she went away to  a needlework school or if she was taught by her mother.  The earliest census records document Ann to be 15 years old which is sometime after the sampler was made according to the age she recorded.

Susanah Rayment - 1818 Learning
Susanah Rayment
Silks Selected - Gloriana Threads
Fabric selected - Lakeside Linen, 32 ct Buttercream
Framing by - Total Framing
Model Stitched by - LaDonna Snellbaker
Susanah Rayments' sampler was my first big sampler purchase.  I found her sampler very intriguing since  she included a row of blue at the top, which upon closer inspection is very reminiscent of a quilt design. The original sampler is very well executed and includes a very popular verse found on many samplers during the early 1800’s.

One of the rules I remember when learning to write in school was to leave enough room for all of the letters to be included on the same line. It is obvious Susanah needed some more time to learn this rule. If you look closely the “G” in learning and the “er” in Sampler had to be squeezed in. I found this very charming as well as the geese with boots.

I hope you enjoy stitching this piece and watching the colors come to life as it did 160 years ago.

Sarah Leigh - 1847
Silks Selected - Gloriana Hand Dyed Threads
Fabric Selected - Lakeside Linen, 32 ct Meadow Rue
Framing By- Total Framing, Fairfax, VA
Model Stitched By - LaDonna Snellbaker
Sarah Leigh - yes I found myself singing the popular jingle to snack cakes as I stitched her - just couldn't help it.  Sarah's sampler has the sweetest cherub's hovering over the church with baskets full of pink and purple flowers to flank each side. Upon first inspection the sampler has a very child like quality in its simplicity.  However, after reading the verse you are reminded first impressions are not always what they seem.  Sarah was either wise beyond her years or created her sampler under the tutelage of a needlework teacher who was.  The sampler features a house of worship instead of a house which was most common, but Sarah choose a church as the sampler’s centerpiece. The original sampler is nicely stitched; the colors are softer with the shades of pinks, purples and light greens, which are not commonly found on samplers designed during the mid 1800’s.
Mary Utley - 1837
Silks Selected - Needlepoint Silks
Fabric Selected - Lakeside Linen, 36 ct Meadow Rue
Framing By - Total Framing, Fairfax, VA
Model Stitched By - Kyla McKay-Dewald
Mary Utley is a sampler that has very child like qualities and was stitched by a young lady who stitches as well as those much older than herself.  According to Mary's sampler she stitched it July 7th, 1837 and she was eight years old.  Could you imagine being that young and having the patience to sit still long enough to stitch a sampler such as this?  I am always amazed by the stitcher's during this timeframe and their age's - imagine an eight year old today sitting long enough to complete such a task and to find out their thumbs and fingers can actually engage in more activities than texting and playing games.

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