Sunday, September 30, 2012

Bohin Needles

I have received several emails asking me about the Bohin Needles so I thought I would go ahead and add the information here as well.  I personally love them and was introduced to the needles a few years ago.  They are wonderful - they are smooth and just glide through the linen.  I have inadvertently picked up other needles in my stash - I can tell the difference immediately and have to find my Bohin's.  I have learned to keep a package of them in all of my project boxes.  Never thought I would fall in love with a needle - just thought, a needle is a needle but found that is not truly the case.


  1. I totally agree LaDonna~~~ I buy them in bulk at Anita Little Stitches on line...size 28 is about all I use..I do go to a John James Size 10 Bal Point Bead Embroidery needle when I am stitching over one on 36 count or finer... Look forward to finally meeting you in a few weeks at PALS~~~ Have a safe trip, Faye

  2. I'm in the Bohnin camp too! I first bought them at a quilt show and now my LNS carries them. They are wonderful!

  3. I had not heard of them until you sent some in the package I won from your last giveaway and I just love them. Thank you for introducing them to me.
    Happy Stitching

  4. I buy them in bulk too - they are a wonderful needle.

  5. These are my favorite too! I like the gold ones best.


  6. I totally agree! The needle makes all the difference. I have been sewing a quilt for my daughter for a wedding gift, and I broke a couple needles. I am so glad I found the bohin needles. They have saved me over and over again.
    Dolores Brown |