Monday, October 7, 2013

Williamsburg continued

On our way to Williamsburg as we were searching for parking I happened to drive by the Dewitt-Wallace museum and saw the banner for Threads of Feeling.  If you are not familiar with this collection it is an opportunity to view items mother's left with their children when they took them to the Foundling Hospital in London.  I encourage you if you are in the area or can make the trip it is worth the visit.  The exhibit is very moving to know women had to leave their children because they had no alternatives and in some cases it was the father leaving the child because his wife, their mother died during childbirth.   The exhibit pieces were not part of the Williamsburg Foundation collection so we were unable to take photos, however there is a book that can purchased with through the Museum Store which contains more information about the exhibit and items as well as wonderful photos.

Imagine my surprise when I turned the corner and discovered such a wonderful site. 

The Baltimore Album Quilt Exhibit - what a handwork lovers delight all the way around.

Just absolutely gorgeous - no other word to describe
This quilt is probably what most of us traditionally think of
as a Baltimore Album Quilt; city buildings, emblems, flowers and full of color.
Here is a close up to give an idea of the level of detail each quilt contains
The small piece work and hand applique. Not to mention all of the quilting was done by hand.
Another close up to enjoy once again the amount of work each block contained.
I have always loved the Baltimore Album Quilts, the colors and story they tell.  Very similiar to the samplers we all love so much.  The lights were set up to reflect quilt patterns on the floor.  Such a simple concept created such drama for the exhibit.  I  wonder if I could persuade my husband could include this accent in our entryway.
Hope you enjoyed the eye candy!  After this little tour I am sure you can understand why I would happily live in Williamsburg.

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