Friday, September 6, 2013

Auction Time....

This past weekend I spent some at the auction house not to far from where I live.  My mom goes all the time so much so one of the guys refers to her as "pit bull" I usually go to the auctions on holiday weekends.  My weakness is needlework and my husband's is stamps.  My husband will not bid - a list is always available of the stamps to be auctioned he will diligently review the list and compare to the stamps he needs.  I will then receive the list back with the amount not to exceed and then let the games begin.  Pretty funny since most of the time I am the only woman bidding.  This weekend I really just went to see what they had and hang out for a little while.  As soon as I walked up I spotted the cabinet sitting on the corner - drawing the bidders in.DSC_0348

The spool cabinet drew quite a bit of attention. When it was up for bidding I just kept my card up - I was bound and determined it was coming home with me (just call me "pit bull" junior).  I ended up staying until the end because what I really made the trip for was a 12 gallon McCoy crock.


Finally it was time for the crock and I won.  At the check out counter there was a guy there and he told me "you stole the crock from me" - I thought he was joking around because I outbid him.  I told him I didn't exactly steal it (considering I couldn't pick it up if my life depended on it - I can hardly walk off with it).  My mom and I were ready to leave and he stopped her because apparently he is a regular just like she is.  He told her he bought it for more than I paid for it and I kept walking....All I heard her say was well that's the chance you take when you put it in an auction.  He said something else and true to form all I heard was just leave my daughter alone she really is a pit bull considering she is only 5'2" and this guy was probably close to 6'5" auction may be really interesting.


To wrap up my auction week here is a peak at my newest sampler acquisition.  I just fell in love with the sampler and how different the design is from what we normally see. The dark background and scalloped edging I just had to have it.

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