Friday, May 17, 2013

I love, I love, my calendar girl....

Yeah, sweet calendar girl

November is my month...oh my!  

Don't worry I assure you I will not be posing for any calendar any time soon.  I will however be November's Mystery Sampler Band Designer for our guild's year long project.  The Loudoun Sampler Guild's Program Chair is Betsy Morgan of Willing Hands and our Program Committee began in January introducing a mystery band that measures 200 threads wide and no more than 100 threads deep.  There will be eleven bands and the final band is a spot motif that will be at the top of the sampler.  The spot motif will incorporate our "stitch of the month" stitches for 2012 and those we learn in 2013.  Each month the mystery band sampler designer will unveil their design at the monthly meeting.  Everyone is selecting their own color and fabric preferences for their sampler.  They are all turning out beautiful each person is putting their own personal touch on each band resulting in a wide array of sampler's.  It is amazing how many of them have evolved.  
This one has incorporated the three bands very close to the original designs
Photo is from the Loudoun Sampler Guild Blog - there are many more so go take a peek
In this the bargello band was modified leaving the verse out and inserting a flower basket
Photo is from the Loudoun Sampler Guild Blog
Another example of how one of our members decided to modify the bargello band
Photo is from the Loudoun Sampler Guild Blog
It reminds me a little of when your in grade school and you play the game telephone - the teacher gives the first student a message and then each person whispers it to the person next to them and by the time the last child repeats the message they have been given it is in most cases not very close to the original message.  For my sampler I have selected Lakeside Linen Vintage Pecan Butter 40 count which I only bought two weeks ago, but that is our little secret - OK? I will be stitching over 2 with Gloriana Silks.  I guess I better stop typing and get my stitching fingers flying if I am going to be ready in time for November.

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