Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Little Gem

Last weekend my husband, youngest son and I decided to venture out to the local Flower and Garden Show.  There is a little shop I always like to stop and take a look around.  For some reason I hadn't planned on stopping in since the guys were with me.  However, there is a hot dog shop next door and my husband decided he wanted to try one - so while he went to the hot dog shop I thought why not visit.  I hadn't been in too long before my husband returned.  Apparently the line was too long to justify waiting for the hot dog.   I almost left but I thought there are just a few more stalls to peek into.  I looked into the first one and my eyes landed right on this little gem.
When I looked at the price tag I knew it was mine.  I made arrangements for my husband to pick up during the week - too heavy to carry with the crowd around.  Once it arrived home I had another surprise the case - I wasn't able to see the case when I spotted it in the store since it was stored somewhere else.
I finally had a chance this weekend to really check it out, clean it up and take some photos.  It really is not in bad shape the decal has some wear but really not too bad.  It also has all of its attachments along with the original manual and these adorable thread holders.
To think I found this little gem just because my husband decided he wanted a hot dog - that he ended up not getting.

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  1. You found a gem!! I love those old machines.