Thursday, May 29, 2014

He is the one...

It really isn't fair how fast life seems to fly by.   Every once in a while a reminder suddenly appears and it hits me like a bolt of lightening.  Yesterday was one of those days.  Our middle son came bouncing in the door and proudly handed to me his Cap and Gown.  In only a few short weeks he will no longer be in High School, but moving along the path to his next step in life.
about four months old
John is our middle son and he has always been very easy going and laid back.  Which is not how he entered the world - I was induced, my doctor had an emergency set of twins to deliver, the anaesthesiologist showed up an hour before John did, the nurse delivered John and my husband afterwards told me he had never seen that side of me before.

John was the one who disappeared one night when he was about 20 months old.   William and I searched the house for him, then outside since he was able to walk and then it dawned on me that we hadn't searched his room.  We quickly ran into his room only to find he had climbed up into his bed with his blankie and put himself to sleep.

He was the one if he wanted something from the top of the pantry would quietly open the pantry door, climb up the wire rack to reach the cereal which would fall from the top shelf and I would run in only to find him smiling ear to ear hanging onto the wire rack with cereal all over the floor.
Enjoying the warm weather in Georgia
He was the one I was concerned wasn't speaking when he should so of course I run to the doctor and share my concerns with him only to be told he is fine.  The doctor told me why should he talk when William will do everything for him?
William and John after playing hockey
He was the one who made my heart stop cold when I was on bed rest.  His pediatrician's nurse was banging on our front door to take me to the doctor's office.  Once there I was the one he wanted to ride in the ambulance with him to the hospital.  His doctor's visit for croup resulted in an Epi-Pen being administered because his asthma caused him to stop breathing.
John loved playing hockey, checking the other players
and then spending time on the bench for checking the other players

He was the one that came in after sledding and told us he needed a band aid for a scratch he had.   The scratch required a trip to the emergency room and stitches for the gouge in his leg.  The whole way to the hospital he kept telling us through his tears that he was fine and wanted to go back home so he can keep sledding - the other kids will be gone when he gets back.
He is the one that puts everyone else before himself.  He is the one with a very big caring heart.  He is the one to this day just has to flash his crater dimple smile and baby blue eyes to melt my heart.

What a gift it is to be his mom.


  1. Congratulations and best wishes to your son!

    Robin in Virginia