Monday, May 12, 2014

Following our passions

Our oldest son I believe has discovered his true passion.  Unlike many including myself he is not letting it take a back seat to what he should be doing - I believe he has actually decided to follow his heart.

Our oldest has always been more on the artistic side.  He was never one for sports.  He played them but my husband and I should have known when he was in the first grade playing soccer he would always let the other person have the ball even if he got to it first.  I can remember us asking him if understood he was suppose to get to the ball first, keep it and kick it down the field towards the goal or one of his team mates.  He told us, "you told me to always share my toys" and so it began.

William has self taught himself for the most part how to play both electric and acoustic guitar, electric and acoustic bass guitar and we had an electric keyboard in the basement from our middle sons piano lessons and he moved it to his room to learn to play it as well. 

In addition to his musical interest he has discovered photography.  He loves old cameras and works with film - yes the old film that has to be developed.  He does not use a digital camera nor is any of his work photo shopped.  A few months ago he began working at a local camera store and absolutely loves working there and everything he is learning from his co-workers many of whom are professional photographers.  He has collected quite a bit of vintage photography equipment and has met some very interesting people along the way.  One gentleman due to a relocation had items listed from when he was a war photographer during Vietnam.  Due to retirement and a substantial cross country move he was parting with his older equipment.  I believe William reminded him of his younger self because William came home with much more than he went to buy. 
William sharing his new toys
One of his purchases from the retiring photographer
William's collection will be taking over a portion of our basement since he does develop his own photos but uses a service to print them.  He has also begun working with models to perfect his photography techniques.  He recently started to share his work on Instagram and Tumblr.  If you have an opportunity take a look - some of the photos are a little more risque but these are models he is working with and they bring their own attire.  I have to say I am very proud he has discovered his passion and is following his heart, many of us do not recognize early enough in our lives to follow our passions.  I only wish he had discovered all of this prior to going to school for his degree in Electrical Engineering - at some point I am sure his area of study and his passion will merge together amazingly.  I have to say both my husband and I could not prouder of the man he has become.
For his birthday we took him to a lecture on Mathew Brady a
well known Civil War photographer and we perused the
photography galleries at the National Portrait Gallery


  1. It is wonderful that he has discovered his passion as many people never do. Best wishes to him, I am sure he will do well. I enjoyed reading your post about William!