Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Summer Time

The summer is flying by!!!  I am embarrassed to see it has been over a month since my last post.  My arm unfortunately is taking longer to recover than I anticipated...well actually told by the doctor it would take.  According to the doctor I should already be on the golf course.  Guess that means I still shouldn't be going to physical therapy or adding to my splint collection.  I will now have one for my thumb (once again who knew?!?!?)

This past weekend was our Guild's annual retreat which of course I look forward to every year.  This year once again my car pooling buddy and I hit the road.  A few days before she asked me have you been to Valley Needleworks? Do you mind stopping by?  Mind? are you kidding me of course we have to stop and so we did.  On Friday we took a little detour off of Route 81 and hit Route 11 (a day before the yard crawl).

Yard CrawlWe visited and shopped for quite some time at Valley Needleworks which is an adorable store and Jennifer Cave who is the owner is so nice and friendly.  Go ahead click on the link her website is full of goodies and and photos of her store.  Thanks so much for making us feel so welcomed!!!  For all the stitching enthusiast traveling up and down Route 81 stop in Middletown, VA and stretch your legs, visit and shop for some goodies.

To be continued....

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