Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Loudoun Museum

A few months ago I posted about our local museum and some of the challenges they have experienced in regards to funding and remaining open.  I am happy to share there has been a recent revamp of the Loudoun Museum website.  The new site is an improvement and really highlights the museum and the collection an added feature is a searchable database of items held in their collection. 

The Loudoun Sampler Guild which I am a member of was founded by Betty Whiting-Fleming who was also the museum curator for many years.  For sampler lovers such as myself this has resulted in our small local museum having quite the textile collection.  Not only does the collection include dresses, gloves, shoes (embroidered) and quilts but numerous samplers.  Most of the samplers in the collection have been donated by Loudoun County families and the young lady in many cases who stitched the sampler lived in our county.  The quilts result from the strong Quaker presence in the area since many families settled in Waterford a small town in the county during the 1700's.

As you can tell we have a pretty rich history for the small county we were for many years.  Most of it may be attributed to our proximity to Washington, DC.  Many well off city dwellers had "country" homes in our area.  Several of these country homes have been preserved and are now open to the public.  If your ever in the area you may want to check out the following homes:
Morven Park who hosts several equestrian
events and many other functions
Photo of Morven Park from their website
Oatlands a popular wedding location and they offer seasonal teas
which my mom and I recently enjoyed for Mothers Day
Photo of Oatlands from their website

Dodona Manor home of General George C. Marshall
who lived in the home for many years.
Photo of Dodona Manor from their website
Even if you don't have the opportunity to visit our county in person you do have the ability to view many of the textiles available within their collection right from your little corner of the world.

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