Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Spring and Feedly...have I peeked your interest?

Finally the sun has decided to visit and warm us up.  I hope you are starting to see some warmer  weather where you are located.  We definitely are and it couldn't be more welcomed!  This past weekend was fun the weather was gorgeous and I was able to accomplish more than I have in a while. which included some time to focus on my stitching and charting. 

I have a new model I have just begun to stitch and I have to admit it is a little different for me.  My design in process is an original stitched over one (no fainting and passing out allowed!!).  For those who fainted and passed out you can go with a larger size linen or stitch over two.  In my quest to get things done and continue on my road of progress I thought I would print the chart of my latest completed model.....apparently the software had other ideas.   When I opened up the chart I discovered numerous images of the design had over laid the original charted design.  Not sure how it happened since I have never experienced this before.  At first I thought I had spent way too much time at the computer screen and blurry vision was my new reality.  After screaming NO, NOO, NOOOOO!!!!! which resulted in me sounding like I was reading the kids book No David No! at the top of my lungs and getting my husbands attention away from the Nascar race - who knew???  I looked away a few times to blink, thinking no really hoping and praying everything would be normal when I looked back.  When I was brave enough to look at the screen the chart hadn't changed - all my efforts didn't work.  Fortunately, it was a small design so it didn't take too long to re-chart.  First time I have ever had to reproduce my own design, scream wording from a children's book and interrupt the Nascar race all at the same time.

On a completely different topic - if you were upset like I was when Google Reader announced it was no longer going to be available later this summer - after panicking and wondering how in the world I was going to keep up with all the blogs I am addicted to - I realized I needed more caffeine to calm me down.  After I had a few cups my brain started to kick into overdrive which included a revelation that there are probably more options out there.  I did a little research and tested a few I think I have finally found the one I will be moving forward with.  If you haven't checked out Feedly yet - what are you waiting for???  I was able to easily import my existing blogs and pretty much began reading right away.  I like the feel and layout which I find very clean, easy to read and use. 

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