Saturday, June 30, 2012

July Release

It has been quite some time since I have posted, but things have been busy.  I have a few designs in the works so it has kept me hopping.

July's release is an accessory set to compliment Ann Lockart's sampler.  These were really fun and quick to do while making use of the additional fabric from the sampler.  I always use larger cuts of fabric than I will actually need - I like to know I have plenty of room for my designs, framing and/or finishing.  I usually work from the center out and like to have plenty of room.

I think it is a hold over from when I was first learning and I always seemed to leave just barely enough for finishing or framing.  Anyway, I hope you enjoy Ann's accessories, which of course can either be worked by themselves or along with the sampler - if you are like me I like to have all of the pieces.

Ann Lockart Accessories

Model Stitched with Lakeside Linen 
32 count Pearled Barley

Silk Threads 
Gloriana and Needlepoint Silks

Stitch Count 
Pin Cushion - 74 x 48
Scissor Fob -  44 x 31
Ruler  (Front) - 12 x 64
Ruler (Back) - 10 x 64

For Finishing
Orange Cotton Fabric
Silk Ribbon
Matching Sewing Thread
Crushed Walnut Shells

Model and Finishing by
LaDonna Snellbaker

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