Saturday, February 11, 2012

New Market Releases

I am very excited that my models and charts will be making their way to Nashville for the market the end of February.  I will be sending Susanah Rayment and Margaret Morley along with my two new releases.

The first one is an accessory to Susanah's sampler.  What young lady is complete without her needlecase?  Using elements from Susanah's sampler I designed a needlecase for her.   It will allow you to store threads, needle's, scissors and of course a small ruler.

Susanah Rayment's Needlecase (Front)

Susanah Rayment's Needlecase (Inside)

Thread Keeps and Ruler are from Kelmscott Designs

Susanah Rayment's Needlecase (Back)

Design is stitched on Lakeside Linen 32ct Buttercream
Using Gloriana Threads (One over Two)
Olive Silk Duponi
Olive Satin Ribbon
Stitch Size 114 x 127
Overall Size of Finished Needlecase 
8 1/4" x 4 1/2" (when closed)

I will also be releasing a third sampler from my collection.  The original sampler is in very poor condition.  As a result I am releasing this as an adaptation since I had to make assumptions in certain areas due to the thread loss.  The name on the sampler suffered so much thread loss when I began to stitch I just named it the Mystery Castle Sampler and I contemplated leaving the name off at the bottom.  Since I began this one at the top left I had plenty of time to contemplate.  Once I did get to the name section I just didn't have it in me to leave her name off.  I thought I would take a chance with a fresh set of eyes and look at the original again.  It was if she spoke to me.   Up until this point I could only make out the age, year and kart.  Finally I was able to make out her first name and the beginning of her last and realized she had added a little circle shape between her age and year.  It was as if I had just solved a puzzle.  Now I am working on the genealogy research and will provide more information on Ann Lockart.  The colors of the sampler are vivid to say the least and it definitely has Scottish influence given the reds, greens, initials of family members, castle and of course the two little Scottie dogs.  This was a fun sampler to stitch and I really did feel like it continued to reveal itself to me as I was working on it.

Ann Lockart - Age 12 - 1842

Sampler is Stitched on 
Lakeside Linen 32 ct Pearled Barley
Silk Threads - Gloriana and Needlepoint Silk
138 x 202 stitches
Framing by Total Framing, Fairfax, VA
Model Stitched by LaDonna Snellbaker

Hope you enjoy my new designs!

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