Saturday, January 7, 2012

Margaret Morley Original

Thought I would share photos of the original Margaret Morley.   Below is a picture of the front of the original sampler.  As you can see the colors are very faded which is more apparent in the following two photos.  The nails left rust marks along the edges.  There are several small tears, but considering when I received the sampler it was attached to the back portion of the frame.  I had to carefully remove the wood from behind the sampler.  I also found it interesting the paper attached to the back of the wooden frame was dated 1914.  The only clue this gives me is it was either framed when it was originally stitched and later the frame was changed, but more than likely this was the first time it had been framed.  From my perspective there would have been additional nail holes had the sampler been framed twice.

Below is a photo of the back of the sampler which shows how vibrant the colors once were.

The  following photo shows how Margaret carried her threads and also a hole on the left hand side is obvious as well.

When the sampler arrived it was attached to a frame that had newspaper attached around the back of the perimeter. The paper was dated 1914 unfortunately the front of the original frame did not arrive with the sampler. When picking out the frame for the reproduction I choose one based on the information I did have from the research I had completed and felt would compliment the sampler.

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  1. Great sampler...lovely to see the original.