Thursday, February 20, 2014

Back Home

What an amazing time at my first market.  I really don't even know where to begin to start in order to share my experience.   Having the opportunity to meet so many wonderful people who enjoy needlework as much as I do was a real treat.  I was really nervous to begin with since I did not know what to expect.  First goal was to set up my exhibit room which I was surprised I managed to grab from home the exact items I needed and fortunately it all came together.  Since I only decided a month ago to attend I was able to bring my most recent sampler and an optional companion piece along with my samplers.  I have several items that will be released fairly soon since they were in process and just not enough time to finish stitching them.

 New Market Release

Founding Father Series
George Washington's Mt. Vernon Sampler
Framing - Total Framing, Fairfax, VA
Model Stitched by - LaDonna Snellbaker

Optional Companion Chart
Martha's Needle Case
Framing - Total Framing, Fairfax, VA
Model Stitched by - Stacy Diokno
Finishing by - LaDonna Snellbaker

Both use Lakeside Linens 32 ct Meadow Rue
Gloriana Silks - Pacific Blue, Antique Gold Dark, Fresh Snow,
India Black, Elizabethan Green and Schoolhouse Red
The Needle Case does require coordinating fabric of your choice

Here are a few shots of the exhibit room set up which was the living room section of our hotel room, which I really liked.  I felt as if I was at home and welcoming guests to my home.  Those of you have visited my home when you see the photos you will know why I felt right at home.

Sarah Rayment Sampler Reproduction (left)
Lakeside Linen 32ct Butter Cream
Gloriana Silks - 003, 007, 086, 091, 103, 104, 105, 106, 116, 119, 124,
124A, 131, 133, 160, 161, 166, 169 and 173
Framing - Total Framing, Fairfax, VA
Model Stitched by - LaDonna Snellbaker

The room lighting did present a bit of a challenge
but now I know for next go around to bring lights
instead of rushing out to the local store which only
had one can light and one clip on light left
Sarah Leigh Sampler (center)
Lakeside Linen - Meadow Rue 36 ct
Gloriana Silks - Vanilla, Cranberry, Antique Pink, Raspberry Parfait,
India Ink, Taupe, Green Gables, Cobblestone, Baby Corn, Blythe Green,
Coffee Bean and Milk Chocolate
Framing - Total Framing, Fairfax, VA
Model Stitched by - LaDonna Snellbaker

Mary Utley Sampler (right)
Lakeside Linen - Meadow Rue 36 ct
Needlepoint Silks - 134, 184A, 294, 502, 513, 563, 695, 698 and 753
Framing - Total Framing, Fairfax, VA
Model Stitched by - Kyla McKay-Dewald
Necklaces and Counting Pens

Next to our room on one side was Myrtle Grace Motifs and Erin was as sweet as she could be along with her husband Andy.  Her punch needlework and cross stitch designs are outstanding.  They told us on Sunday they would be packed and ready to hit the road to head back home by 5:00 and they were.  I am pretty sure they couldn't wait to get back home to their little one.

On the other side was Meg of Lindsay Lane Designs another new designer that I had the opportunity to get to know and we were able to share our experiences we have encountered as new designers.  Along with the joy of having ten year old little boys.  Meg has twin boys a month older than Lance who wasn't with me but I knew within about 5 minutes if he was, the boys would have found each other.  Lance is a lot like my mother never met a stranger.  Speaking of my mother as always she in many cases blazed the trail before me in meeting everyone.  I believe she really enjoyed herself.  It only took her two days to figure out there was a designer there that shared the same last name as her mother's maiden name.  She was so excited to tell me and share the story - I told her I was surprised it took her two days to make her way to her exhibit room.

To top off the weekend vendors donate models for the Great Model giveaway and I donated my Margaret Morley model which was won by Sara with Salty Yarns.  
Margaret Morley Sampler Reproduction
Lakeside Linen - Maritime White 32 count
Needlepoint Silks -292, 294, 743, 749, 841, 842,
863, 943, 944 and 946
Framing - Total Framing, Fairfax, VA
Model Stitched by - Martha Dillow
Prior to the drawing there is a drawing for all the vendors who enter items for the opportunity to win a free exhibit room for the St. Charles market....guess who won a room??  Why yours truly, so I will be heading off to market in August.  I have several designs I will need to get moving on to make sure they are ready in August.  Most will be original with maybe one or two reproductions depending on how far I get.  Looks like I will have a very busy and exciting time ahead of me.


  1. Congratulations on your first market--so glad it was a positive experience.

  2. So glad that you had a great market experience!

  3. Very exciting! Glad you had such a great first experience.....and won the free exhibit room!!!

  4. Glad to hear you had such a good time. It will be fun to go to Salty Yarns at the end of March and visit your sampler!

  5. On to St. Charles now that we aren't "newbies" anymore! It was great fun and I too learned a lot for the "next time". Give your mom a hug for me and tell her I'm still looking for Barry!!! ~*

  6. I just got your Sarah Rayment sampler (repro. samplers are my passion, and I collect ones with the "Jesus permit" verse--perfect) so decided to goodle your company. I love your 'stuff' and will surely be buying more. I will be at Salty Yarns (Sara and her mom, Sally are great folks) at the end of April for a retreat and am looking forward to seeing your samplers. I'm so glad you had a great first market experience, and I wish you and your business much luck.