Monday, January 23, 2012

Sotheby's Auction Trip

As most in the sampler world already know Betty Ring's Needlework collection was on the auction block this past Sunday at Sotheby's.  Myself along with several ladies from the Loudoun Sampler Guild made the trip to New York on Saturday to view the exhibit.  The experience was amazing all of the gorgeous needlework in one room was a sight to behold.  The pieces were exquisite and the stitching on some was so well done the stitches were so small in some areas they almost looked as if they were painted.
This sampler is the largest sampler I have ever seen stitched by a school girl.  The length was over three feet to give you an idea of the size I included the photo below.
The below is a beautiful sampler stitched by a nine year old.  
The photo below is a close up which will allow you to see the stitches a little better than the previous picture just amazing for someone so young.

The one below I included because I love the huge flower border the little girl jumping rope and in person the colors are vibrant and lively.
After lunch a few of us made the trek to a M&J Trimmings in the fashion district - just jaw dropping would love to have a store like this at home.  I did pick up some silk ribbon for an upcoming project.  It was so inspiring to see all the beautiful colors and textures - could easily spend hours in this store and the staff was very accommodating.

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  1. I have been in M & J's-so wonderful! I spent 1 1/2 hrs in the store and only left because my husband was getting restless :) They have an email newsletter you can sign up for.