Monday, October 20, 2014

Sampler Guild Road Trip

Our Guild Program Chair - Elizabeth Ellers out did herself with our weekend trip.  We began Saturday morning leaving via chartered bus heading to Philadelphia the first destination for our weekend excursion.  We arrived at M. Finkle and Daughter around 12:30 where we were welcomed by Amy Finkle who hosted an open house for all of us in her wonderful shop.
Sampler lovers - need I say more?

Ever wonder what happens when the Loudoun Sampler Guild arrives for a tour?
As you can see we filled the room and everyone had their eyes on something.
Once everyone headed upstairs to view the samplers
I took the opportunity of taking a photo of the area.

Amy Finkle shared the background of one of the many samplers
hanging on the walls of her shop (sorry the photo is blurry)
Here is a sampling of what is available
(except for the one in the upper left hand corner which is sold)
We had a wonderful visit with Amy and appreciate the time she took to share her samplers with us.  All of her samplers and furniture is absolutely amazing and was a joy to see.  Once we departed Philadelphia we continued our trip to our next destination - Princeton.   We arrived around 4:30 and we all checked into the Erdman Center Princeton Theological Seminary for the evening.  We found our rooms and dropped off our bags before heading out to dinner.  Some made the trip into town while others walked across the campus for dinner in the dining hall.

Once everyone had returned from dinner we had the art studio to ourselves for an evening of stitching, chatting and door prizes.  Amy Mitten who visited the guild to teach a couple of classes in April had forwarded several goodies to Elizabeth specifically for our October excursion
Our day ended with a few hours of stitching before heading off to bed.
Sunday morning I woke up fairly early and walked into Princeton to make a trip for coffee and to take in the scenery.  The brisk air and leaves changing reminded me that Fall is definitely on its way.
Morning stroll into Princeton's downtown area
One of many beautiful churches
Had to photograph this home since it is very similar to our home
minus the sun room on the left
Morven Exhibit Location
Morven was very close to where we were staying a few of us loaded our items on to the bus and walked over to the museum.  The exhibit Hail Specimen of Female Art! was amazing.  We were treated to a lecture by Dan and Marty Campanelli followed by a tour of the exhibit.  Afterwards we spent some time in the gift shop and enjoyed lunch from Panera in the homes sun room.   Once again we all loaded back onto the bus for the trip back home. 

Shortly after I took the outside photo of Morven I twisted my ankle coming down the four stairs at the front entrance. My husband picked me up once the bus returned to Virginia.  Off we headed to the urgent care center to have my foot checked out where they confirmed what I figured had happened.  My right ankle was sprained and believe it or not this is the fourth time I have sprained this ankle.  Both of my wonderful nurses hailed from New Jersey and wanted to know why I was in Jersey, which museum I visited and what the exhibit was all about.

So all-in-all it was a Jersey sort of day.

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