Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Off to the framers and other tidbits

What a busy time it has been I have a finished piece with the wonderful and fabulous Sherri from Total Framing can't wait to see what framing magic she will work.  This is an original design I am pretty excited about and will share more soon.  Here is a sneak peek though....
I have also continued my hunt for wonderful items and have picked up some very interesting ones to say the least.  A few weeks ago William met me at the local auction house.   There was a wonderful steamer trunk that was being auctioned off.  I do not know why I love trunks and old wooden boxes but I do - maybe in a past life I was a box maker.  Anyway William mentioned his boss had one he wanted to sell and William just hadn't gotten around to taking photos of it.  I asked him how much his boss wanted and he wasn't sure.  After the auction this past weekend he text us to let us know my husband and I could stop by and look at it.  We met William and he took us to this treasure it is in really good condition on the inside with drawers and the original hangers.  William told us it originally had clothes but they didn't know what happened to them.  I didn't hesitate and told him we would take this beauty home.  I did see the name on the trunk and knew I would have to research information about the owner if I could find any.  We loaded it up in the car.
Today my husband was searching based upon the name on the trunk.  Imagine my surprise when he told me the trunk belonged to a former Indiana Governor, High Commissioner to the Philippines and the first US Ambassador to the Philippines.  I always love finding items with peoples names in order to find out about the people who owned the item, but with this information I can see photos of him.  Some are of his time in the Philippines while he would have had the trunk with him - how cool is that?


  1. The sneak peek looks wonderful!

    I too love trunks and boxes...what a great find!


  2. Thanks Bonny! I will share more once I pick it up from Sherri.