Saturday, May 10, 2014

Fun Finds

In addition to working on projects around the house I have thoroughly enjoyed the time I have had to peruse the Estate Sales and Auctions.  I have had such a blast picking up neat little finds.  Thought I would share some of my fun finds with all of you.
First up is this wonderful friendship quilt I found at an Estate Sale a few weeks ago.
Among several other quilts was this little gem which I grabbed and didn't put down.
I knew the minute I put it down someone would grab it based on the glances I received.
When I checked out the lady was surprised this was the first one to go.
She told me we didn't think anyone would buy that one since it had all the names on it.
(Estate language for - we should have marked it higher)
I told her are you kidding me that is what makes it so great.
This quilt looks brand new and no marks on it - I absolutely fell in love!

Another great find was this crewel picture that was hanging in plain view and had been either overlooked or ignored by the others perusing the Estate sale.  This was definitely the home of a needleworker and collector - found several wonderful items here and none I will soon part with.  Attached to the back was a note which I didn't have an opportunity to look at until I arrived home.  I wanted to make sure once I took it off the wire I would be able to return to it's original location.  

I did take the liberty of redacting the names.  The note states the following

"This embroidered crewel picture was done in shades of pink, blue, red,
yellow, green, gold and brown on a white background by my mother
(first name and last name) in January of 1976.  She was 72 years old."

Signed by her daughter's first name and last name

In looking at this I just realized when this was stitched
I was only eight years old and had recently begun to learn to stitch myself. 
This image includes both the note her daughter added along
with the original invoice for the services provided.
Interesting the value was $100.00 but as a needleworker
we know the value is absolutely priceless.
In addition to these wonderful pieces along my journey I have found out of print needlework books, crochet pieces, hand embroidered pieces, chatelaine, antique scissors, stamp cases, tape measures - can you tell I am having a blast???  Some are goodies I will be keeping others I will probably be adding to my Etsy store - just not sure which ones I will be parting with yet.

I will leave you with the piece that probably came the closest to causing my husband to be about ready to kick me to the curb right along with my stuff.  It went a little like this....

A few weeks ago I was at the auction house and made the mistake of hanging around.  They had a beautiful piano come up on the auction block and no one was bidding.  The auctioneer asked where do you want me to start the price - someone hollered out a price and that is where he started and I raised my number.  Before I knew it I was the owner of an approximately 1943 Acrosonic Baldwin Spinet in a beautiful pecan wood case piano.

That was the easy part,
the hard part was calling my husband and telling him
we had to pick up a piano the next day....

Guess I should make an attempt to learn to play...


  1. It's gorgeous! I know a really good teacher but she doesn't live closely!! What a find!

    1. you would be a wonderful teacher to learn from!