Wednesday, December 18, 2013


I have been busy creating some new designs and of course getting ready for the holidays.  Our basement is unfinished and it has gathered quite a few boxes and other odds and ends.
Believe me we have made progress...
 I have decided to claim the basement as mine!  A place I can go and spread out my projects and make a creative mess.  Part of claiming the basement as my domain requires said boxes and stuff to either be organized and stored neatly, charity or trash.  After being married for twenty-four years it is amazing the amount of stuff in our basement. I believe it is now safe to get rid of all the little kid toys and books 
along with the golf clubs I will probably not be using anytime soon, my father in-laws first Apple computer (circa 1980 something); the first laptop he had that weighs about 12 pounds with a full size key board and of course the ping-pong table middle son wanted for Christmas about four years ago that hasn't been used in about three and a half years.  After much debating and basement finishing estimates combined with the fact we will probably be downsizing in a couple of years I have decided to use my decorating creativity to finish the basement.  It will be a work in progress for a while that I will be more than happy to share along the way.  I think I can do it for less than the estimates I have received - or at least that is my goal.  I won't be doing anything too permanent since the plan is to sell in a few years.  However, now that I have gotten older I have a true appreciation for the basement set up my grandmother had...big table, sewing machine, lighting and more lighting.  Needless to say I will be re-purposing some items since they are already in the basement.

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