Saturday, December 28, 2013


 Christmas was a whirlwind once again.  This year was pretty low key for us.  I didn't put my sleigh out since the weather hasn't been too kind to it and I need to find someone to restore the sleigh back to its original glory.  For now it is safely stored in our garage and I have to admit Christmas was not the same without it sitting in our front yard.  I did put up two trees and the 12 foot tall tree last year the middle section of lights decided they were not going to work any more.  This year my husband spent the better part of a day removing the lights and asked me if I wanted lights to be added back to the tree.  I decided against them and we used a spot light that changes colors to highlight the tree.

We had a wonderful Christmas and I believe this is the first year the boys have slept until 8:00 or I should say our youngest slept until 8:00.  He began to get impatient for his older brothers to wake up which he was more than happy to do to get the show on the road.  My family joined us for Christmas Dinner and to exchange gifts.

Our oldest son enjoys photography but does not enjoy being photographed.  Believe me I will never figure it out.  He was happy to receive film for an older camera he has and an enlarger which appears to be quite the contraption that right now is taking up part of his bathroom.  One bonus though is my husband told him he could have a dark room in the basement.  I had to remind them I declared the basement for myself, but considering he now has an incentive to help me clean out the basement.  I can give him a very, very dark corner - I wouldn't have wanted it anyway.

Taking photos of our boys tends to be a challenge.  The two older boys would rather be anywhere else and I mean anywhere than in front of a camera.
Our youngest son definitely makes up for the camera shyness of his older brothers.   As soon as a camera comes out he begins to make faces and turn into quite the ham.  It was all he could do in the previous photo to sit long enough for the camera to take the picture. 

His arms were getting ready and the look on his face gives a hint as to what would come next. 

I have to admit though you can't help but be a little envious of how comfortable he is to just be himself and enjoy the moment.  
I hope you had a wonderful Christmas and was able to spend your
day with those who are dear to and received everything your heart desired.

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