Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Williamsburg Trip

 October?!? How in the world did that happen?  September was a busy month and October looks like it may be the same.  This past weekend I was able to spend some time in Williamsburg at the Gathering of Embroideries Fall Stitching Retreat. 
We spent some time walking around early Saturday morning and the garden's we were able to visit were full of color.  The leaves on the roses still had faint reminders of the morning dew.
These little beauties were searching for the morning sun.  Reminded me of my African Violets when they haven't received their rotation how all of them are going in the same direction in search of the sun.
The berries were a nice little surprise.  Apparently these sweet little berries are native plants and I have never seen them before.  I guess I need to check to see if they enjoy the sandy soil.  Where I am if you dig about 5 inches down you will discover rocks, small and very large rocks can be found not too far below the surface.  I think the birds would enjoy the color and the little berries - reminded me of champagne grapes.
Imagine discovering a pomegranate tree in the middle of the garden.  During the winter festivities many of the traditional floral arrangements will include pineapples and pomegranates.
The garden had the lovely yellow daisies growing along the fence line, many of them had already started to fade but several were in all of their glory.
Next door to the Colonial Garden was a private home with a traditional English Garden.
I loved the little gate tempting you to go a little further to the secret garden hidden behind the gate.
I have to admit I love Williamsburg and always have and I believe I could easily make Williamsburg my home. In addition to spending time with old friends I was able to get to know some new stitching ladies.  A few of us made the trip Friday morning to Dying to Stitch and was able to visit with the ladies - I have to do my best to attend their retreat in 2015.  It sounds like a blast and I feel like I keep missing out.  There is much more to share but I believe I have already been a little wordy for the evening.

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