Friday, December 21, 2012

Mt. Vernon by Candlelight Tour

There were probably a dozen trees decorated in the Visitor Center.
One of my favorite local events during the holidays is making the trip to Mt. Vernon for their candlelight tour.  Last weekend was perfect weather wise for this adventure.  We had very comfortable weather which is a blessing one year the temperature was 18 degrees.  The tour is mainly outdoors and even with their bonfire 18 degrees is cold.  Our visit last weekend was wonderful and we all had a great time.
First year my mom has made the trip with us
Mt. Vernon doll house in the Visitors Center, which is where you wait for your tour group
The inside of the doll house is decorated to replicate the interior of the home
Musicians who play period music while waiting for tour to begin.
The stain glass behind them is gorgeous.
When going into the house there are actors who bring the mansion to life like it was during a Christmas the Washington's would have celebrated in the home.  This Christmas the theme was around Nelly (Martha's Grand-daughter) who the Washington's raised impending engagement announcement.  Martha Washington is always there to greet.  Nelly by the way for those of you who do not know lived at Woodlawn which is down the street.  The home and land was a gift from George and Martha.  Woodlawn is also where the annual needlework exhibit for this area is held by Nelly's Needlers.

Outside of Mt. Vernon while we were walking up the lane.
No photos were allowed to be taken inside of the home.
After the tour we were able to walk around the outbuildings.
In the Black Smith building they were busy working and demonstrating their skills.
When we returned to the Visitors Center they had several Mt. Vernon
gingerbread houses and this one was stunning and perfect.
This was also the first year they had the new portion of the museum open which we were able to go thru after the tour.    I will admit we went thru the section very quickly because we did not have a lot of time.  Our tour was at 7:30 and we were running out of time.  We will definitely have to make another trip and spend more time at the museum and walk the grounds once it warms back up.

On display was this beautiful reproduction of a dress which would
have been worn by Martha Washington.   
The shoes I believe are original don't remember for sure.
However the beading was beautifully executed and
Martha sure did have very tiny feet. 
Here is the entire display which includes her dress, shoes and jewelry.
The portrait is based upon an age regression technique.
I know I have always been accustomed to Martha in her later years
and to see an image of her from her youth she was stunning.
George Washington as General Washington
George Washington during his inauguration.
Lance thought this was a really cool vignette

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