Wednesday, November 28, 2012

November Guild Meeting

Our most recent guild meeting was a field trip to Ranson, WV.  Why Ranson?   Ranson is the home of the Textile Preservation Associates which specializes in preserving flat textiles especially flags from the Civil War period.  Cathy Heffner is the owner and took the time to explain the entire process as well as the history behind the various flags and their purpose during the Civil War.

The meeting was wonderful for me since it covered all of my interest.  Textiles of course and the history around flags from the Civil War period.  I enjoy researching my family genealogy and during the process I have found out I am the descendant of three Confederate Soldier's.    I also found out in the process my husband is a descendant of a Union Soldier which was captured at Harper's Ferry - not too far from where we live.  I like to tease him everyone once in a while especially since he doesn't care for Sweet Potatoes, Pecans and Red Velvet Cake.  I told him that's the Yankee blood in you.  Another side note is my grand-mothers maiden name was Hefner, which I have seen spelled both ways and she is descended from Hefner's that spent some time in Frederick, MD.  So of course I had to talk to Cathy about that as well.

We were also able to view the sampler our guild has contributed the funds towards for preservation.  It was really a nice treat to be able to view the sampler while we were there.   The sampler is currently in their care for the preservation of the piece.

I didn't take photos, but here is a link to an article with photos and a second link here for an online posting which includes an excellent summary of the work they are doing at the Textile Preservation Associates.

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