Sunday, August 26, 2012


The Sampler Guild I am a member of has an annual retreat which all of us look forward to.  It is a great place that believe it or not has no TVs or Phones in the rooms.  Most rooms now do have a fan provided because there is no air conditioning in the rooms.  This year was I believe my fifth retreat and leaving the windows open with fans works even though it is August.  The nights usually get fairly chilly and a sweater is usually all you need when out and about.  Cell Phone reception is basically really don't bother you will end up frustrating yourself.  It is spotty at best and you will see folks standing one spot trying or trying to get as high as they can hoping their phones will work.  The part we stay in was built in the mid-1800's and given it is located in Virginia the facility did spend some time hosting wounded Confederate soldiers.  If the walls could talk the stories they would tell.  
Open space by the walkway heading
from room to our meeting room
View from my window -
what a treat to wake up to this every morning
I always look forward to this weekend not only is it is stitch filled weekend it is so nice to go somewhere that really does force you to get away from our electronically distracting world.  The meals are served camp style so a bell is rung and everyone goes to the dining hall.  The food provided is always home style meals with plenty of fresh veggies grown nearby.  Not that food is an issue since all of us bring something to share - there is just as much food in the room, or I should say plenty of yummy snacks.  We have two wonderful ladies who handle coordinating the retreat every year and always have an adorable retreat project, games and of course door prizes.  All of the ladies bring all of their stitching goodies, items for show and tell and we just have an enjoyable weekend stitching the weekend away.
Friday night stitching room
Stitchers and all of our goodies
The M&M's were our game pieces for Bingo on Saturday night.  Don't you love how they give us
loose ones and then a couple of packs of M&M's to eat while you are playing.  They are always thinking, because we all know if you eat one M&M it never stops there!!
Show and Tell Table - the empty space didn't stay empty for long
Button Tin
One of the ladies bought this tin full of buttons that she had purchased, we were free to go thru them and take the ones we liked.  We had so much fun going thru all of the buttons.  No matter how long you went thru them you still found ones you had missed earlier.
Ultimately the buttons were spread out,
some sorted into groups of like buttons or like colors
Photos of our Show and Tell Table
Sharlotte DeVere of The Queen Stitch pinball examples

We have several designers in our guild and for our September meeting class examples were on display.  Those who signed up how to make these wonderful pinballs.  I can't wait to start my pre-work - - I need to get moving though....may be a good way to spend Labor Day Weekend.


  1. Your post soooo makes me miss my old stitching guild and the wonderful times we shared at our retreats! It looks like the perfect weekend getaway.

  2. What a wonderful retreat. It looks like it was perfect!

  3. Looks like you had fun at your retreat, I can't wait until October we have ours and like yours we don't get very good phone reception and no TVs. But I love it that way!
    Happy Stitching